Why your firm should apply

Becoming an Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM will help your  business gain ultimate recognition from your  professional peers and clients alike as a leader in the Financial Planning profession. Not only will accreditation help to distinguish your business from its competitors, it ensures that you are part of a community which can share best practice and that works together to build awareness of the value of a real Financial Planning service.

Becoming an Accredited Firm demonstrates your firm's commitment to providing a comprehensive Financial Planning service which is delivered by practitioners with advanced level qualifications in Financial Planning, or those who are mentored by such individuals. Most importantly, it will give consumers confidence in your firm’s ability to help them achieve their life goals as they know that the individuals working with them will be appropriately qualified or mentored to deliver an effective Financial Planning service.  

Improve brand awareness

Align your brand with excellence in Financial Planning. We’ll work with you to achieve broader recognition from the consumer and the profession with national public relations campaigns.

Enhanced professional recognition

Becoming an Accredited Financial Planning Firm provides strong external recognition of your commitment to the highest ethical and professional practice standards in Financial Planning, as well as achieving respect and acknowledgement from the profession. You can network with other Accredited Firms, also leaders in the profession. Your firm will also become an “employer of choice”, attracting and retaining staff of the highest calibre as a result of the high standards of excellence to which you work. 

Greater commercial success

IFP's Accredited Financial Planning Firms' register will enable consumers to identify your firm as one which adopts only the highest standards of professionalism and service in Financial Planning, helping you gain market advantage. By networking with leaders from other Accredited Financial Planning Firms at exclusive IFP events, you’ll share tips on business practice and processes and build an even better business as a result.

But don't just take our word for it...

IFP member Neil Bailey discusses the benefits of IFP membership as part of Nucleus's YouSpeak TV series. Neil explains the process of becoming accredited, the cost, and why it's so important to the business. Watch the video.

"There are 3 types of financial advisory firms - the best, the good and the not very good. Accredited Financial Planning Firms are the best." via Twitter 2 October 2013