Wayfinder Videos

Financial Planning in action

It can be hard to appreciate the benefits of Financial Planning. So, the following videos are based on interviews with the general public who have met with a Financial Planner and are now enjoying the benefits that Financial Planning brings.

  • The benefits of working with an Accredited Firm and CFPTM professionals. Watch the video

The following short video clips will get you thinking about the things that you might want to achieve in life.  

Select the film that's most relevant to you, sit back and get thinking. If you feel you need the experience of a professional planner who's either a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional or to find a CISI Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM, use our register to find a planner.     

Young Family

Moving up the property ladder and planning a secure financial future are just some of the considerations for a growing family.   


Whether you're looking to retire in a year or in twenty year's time, here are some of the financial issues that you'll need to navigate through.  


Having enough money to sustain your lifestyle in retirement is just one of the financial issues to consider. Here's a few more.