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Financial planning in uncertain times

The UK’s community of Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM) professionals has come together to offer their advice pro bono in a series of money guides for the consumer.

The guides, which contain tips from CISI’s CFPTM membership on managing finances during this uncertain and challenging time, have been produced to help all consumers, including those who are employed, self-employed and small business owners financially cope with one of the most difficult periods they are ever likely to navigate for themselves and their families.

Guide for consumers
Guide for small businesses

Five steps to creating your Financial Plan

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or have not got, we all need to make sound plans for our future. Here are five steps you can take to kick start your financial plans so that you have the best chance of achieving what you want out of life.

Step 1: Read this free guide to Financial Planning

This free guide to Financial Planning has been written by financial planning expert Jane Wheeler. Download it now and kick-start your financial future.

Step 2: Use this online planning tool - Lifelong cash flow planning with Truth Lite

By entering details of your income, outgoings, what you own and what you owe into this useful online tool, you can build an accurate measure of your net worth and current financial situation. Then enter your projected future income and expenditure to build up a picture of the life you want to enjoy in years to come. Set aside 30 minutes for this and get planning

Step 3: Check out other tools and guides

Wayfinder provides access to a range of tools and guides to help you with your specific financial situation. Read more

Step 4: Ask a planner - Put your questions to our CFPTM professionals 

If you've got a question about some aspect of your own financial situation that you're currently navigating, why not ask one of our CFPTM Professionals for their opinion? Ask a planner

Step 5:  Get expert advice from a professional Financial Planner - use Wayfinder's find a planner search tool

By now you've hopefully developed a better understanding of your financial situation. If you need professional help, your next step is to use our tool to find a planner who is a CFPTM professional or a CISI Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM.      


#Yourmoney book and app

The #yourmoney book and app provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of money for 16 to 25-year-olds. It should be a trusted companion for young adults as they take on full responsibility for their finances and navigate the numerous money challenges and pitfalls that come their way.