The kind of annual client meeting you want to experience

Someone told me five years ago to stop going on about George Kinder’s approach to life planning and start doing it for clients. Great advice!

I’ve just got back from a client meeting and was really delighted with the progress a couple with a young family have made since they became clients just over two years ago.

When I first met them, they were living in a big old house that needed constant repair as well as lots of home improvement that was becoming a drain for them in terms of both time and money. The wife was busy working full time and running her own private limited company as well and felt that she wasn’t spending enough quality time with her husband.

There just wasn’t enough time for her passion for outdoor sports and holidays were limited to the UK in a camper van, which they enjoyed, but they were keen to travel further afield with the kids in the future.

They weren’t keen on the local state schools so school fees for two young children were a big part of their future plans.

The husband’s main priorities were to find a new job that was challenging and stimulating and to feel much more financially secure. He was also keen to become fitter.

Fast forward two years and they have now just moved into their brand new home. The local state schools are excellent, which has lifted the burden of future school fees. They’re just about to complete the sale of their limited company, which will clear the help-to-buy part of their mortgage. The wife has started a new job with a good salary and benefits package.

The husband is now three stone lighter, working part time, taking care of the kids and considering a position as a school governor. He still has ambitions for his new career but is happy for the time being with the work he is doing and feels they now have sufficient financial security to be confident about their future and free to pursue their dream lives.

The best bit came as I was on my way out the door. She thanked me for “lighting their torches” and driving them to where they are now. My reply was that they had done the driving, I had just helped point them in the right direction!

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Michael Fairweather

Having been trained by the Kinder Institute, Michael is one of few in the UK who in addition to being a Chartered Financial Planner and a Certified Financial Planner is also a registered Life Planner. He runs Real Life Financial Planning.