Ask a planner answers: UK or US?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The question is from Ina, 37

I have been living in London in 2006-2010, then the US and then London again since 2015. My husband still lives in the US and we are debating the best location to live. In the near-term, what other sources of income could I activate to make living on one salary in London palatable? In the long-term, I see London as too expensive to live. What financial tools / investments could change that view/perception? Last but not least, I'm an avid saver (ISA, Bonds, Saving accounts) but would like to do more with my money. What can I do?

Answer by Christopher Wicks CFPTM Chartered MCSI, Bridgewater Financial Services

The first question to decide is 'where do you want to live?' This is really a non-financial decision although clearly central London or New York living will require deep pockets. Once you have decided that, the other decisions will follow. Best not to make too many detailed plans or long term savings commitments until you have squared that.

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