Ask a planner answers: I came for advice, not to buy a product.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The question from Paula, 57, Spain/Manchester.

Hello, myself and my 2 brothers inherited a life assurance trust fund, with Friends life/ Axa. One of my brothers used to manage the fund for us, and it was doing well, but both brothers have now taken their share out, so the fund is just running on, and has lost a lot of money in the last year..I have contacted the financial advisor who originally set the fund up, to see if he can manage the fund, but he just wants to sell me a new product instead...I'm really trying to make this money work for me, as I have lived abroad a lot, and don't have a pension pot....I just don't know who I can go to for trustworthy advice...maybe you can help?

Answer from Gary Crettonof KDW Independent Financial Planning

KDW are independent financial advisers, which means we are not tied to any lender or product so any advice we provide is completely independent. Our only obligation is to you as a client. By assessing your situation and your attitude to risk we are able to source a solution that is tailored to you. We undertake regular reviews of your chosen investment to make sure that it still working for your and meeting your investment goals.


Gary Cretton
KDW Independent Financial Planning