Ask a planner answers: Have I lost my pension funds?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The question from Natalie, 29, Neatherlands.

: I worked for Credit Suisse in London but resigned in 2013. Because I wasn't employed by the company on a full-time contract for 2 years or more I have to move my pension (ca. GBP 9,000) from the trust managed by Fidelity. I cannot move the money to the Netherlands, as I am not employed at the moment (and don't intend to be in the future) and therefore do not have access to an employer-based scheme. And it's not allowed by law to move employer-based funds to a private-based fund in the Netherlands either. I'm therefore looking for an option in the UK. I am still registered as a resident in the UK. Could you please advise if this is indeed an option and how I would go about finding a suitable plan?

Answer from Gary Crettonof KDW Independent Financial Planning

An independent financial adviser like KDW, are able to review the whole of market to find a suitable platform for your pension funds. One option could be to transfer your money to a SIPP as it is not a new contribution however once meeting you your adviser will be able to advise if this is the most appropriate option for you while checking the tax rules. The platform we would recommend for you would be tailored to your circumstances and your attitude towards risk.

Gary Cretton

KDW Independent Financial Planning