Ask a planner answers: getting to grips with personal and company finances

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The question, from Joanna Lloyd, 53 from Reading

"I've read through some of the profiles and see that the 'ideal clients' have a good nest egg to invest. 

I work through a limited company and charge a reasonable day rate so my friends tell me I should be loaded. I am not extravagant but seem to be trapped in a cycle of never getting ahead of my taxes. I have asked my accountants on many occasions to provide me with advanced information but they're reluctant to help, they can't even tell me how much corp tax I'm building up through the year. Do any planners work with people like me to try to help me get a handle on my basic personal finances, my ltd company finances and to help me plan ahead and finally get some stability?"

The answer, from Ian Brown CFPTM, Cosgrove Brown

My answer would be that although it's nice to meet clients who have a good nest egg to invest it is not essential, and that our practice works with several business clients who experience the same difficulties as Joanna.

My view would be that there will be plenty of Financial Planning Practices who would be more than happy to help, without a requirement that she has a nest egg to invest before they would see her.

Ian Brown CFPTM
Cosgrove Brown