Renewing your SPS

Renewing your SPS

As a result of the forthcoming merger between the IFP and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), the IFP will cease to be an FCA Accredited Body from the 1 November 2015.

If you currently hold a SPS from the IFP, this will remain valid until the expiry date printed on it, even if this date occurs after 1 November 2015.

Members transferring their membership to the CISI will be able to renew their SPS with CISI when their SPS is due for renewal.

Please note all qualification and gap-fill records held with the IFP will be transferred and stored with CISI in accordance with Data Protection Principles.

Renewing your existing SPS

Given the importance of having a valid SPS at all times, be aware that you need to renew your SPS promptly each year.

With the recent merger of the IFP with the CISI, if you already hold a SPS with the IFP, you will be able to renew this with the CISI. You can do this by completing the SPS renewal form on the CISI website  and emailing this to

Please note if you do not renew your SPS within the 60 days of the expiry of your existing SPS, your SPS may not be renewed.