Our commitment

The IFP works with Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM to ensure you gain the maximum professional and consumer recognition as a leader in the profession.

We will provide tailored support to help you build your brand and reach the consumer and, together, we’ll set the standard for other Financial Planning firms to aspire to. In addition, a proportion of the revenue generated from accreditation fees will be used to support a public relations and brand awareness campaign for Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM.

Reach the consumer

We’ll work actively on your behalf to promote the Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM register direct to the consumer through PR campaigns and media engagement. We’ll also provide you with opportunities to engage with the media directly as well as providing support and materials to help you promote your firm either regionally or nationally.

Develop the profession

Great minds really do think alike! By creating a register of leading firms, we’ll develop a community that understands the value of professionalism and of providing a true Financial Planning service. As a result, we’ll be able to provide a forum for best practice and networking, where business ideas and experiences can be shared amongst like minded organisations and individuals. 

Set the standard

Through listening to direct feedback from consumers, the Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM and the profession, we’ll capture trends and take the required action in order to ensure that consumers know how to access professional Financial Planning advice from Accredited Firms.