How to write a testimonial that wins new clients

Wed, 22/05/2013

You probably rely on referrals and testimonials to attract new clients. However, the testimonials financial planners put together on their websites and literature often fail to demonstrate the value of their service.

Too many of them are uninformative and fall into the category of “Joe Bloggs Financial Planning is great!”

Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a testimonial that wins new clients.

Rule #1 – Don’t let your clients write their own testimonials. Your clients are not copywriters and they will return something bland. Call your clients, find out the value you delivered then write a testimonial for their approval.

Rule # 2 – Construct your testimonial following the formula below devised by Dane Maxell (a well known copywriter).

Specific end result or benefit client got + Specific period of time + Accompanied feeling + The person’s name with their stats.

Here is an example I put together….

"Thanks to Joe Bloggs Financial Planning my finances are on track to deliver the lifestyle I want way into my retirement years. I have been with the firm for 7 years and due to their expert advice they have saved me at least £34,300 in taxes, fees and charges. They reordered my finances and got me on the right path within 6 weeks. Trusting in Joe Bloggs Financial Planning has led to a lot less sleepless nights”. Mr John Smith - Business Owner, Lancashire

This type of testimonial works great because it is specific (new financial plan), measurable (money saved), comparable (6 weeks to get on track), emotional (no more sleepless nights) and believable (details on the person giving the testimonial).

Rule # 3 – Do not bunch all of your testimonials together on one page. Scatter them around your website and literature and they are more likely to be read.

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Good luck!

John Ndege, Founder & Director (

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