IFP structure

The IFP is an independent professional body supporting the needs of the UK Financial Planning community. We have over 2000 individual members, including c. 1000 CFPCM Professionals, and  over 30 Corporate Members. Corporate Members are product and services providers who are committed to the long term development of the Financial Planning profession, and support our work. 

FPSB (UK) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IFP, responsible for the administration and assessment of Financial Planning qualifications. FPSB (UK) has a separate board and structure to IFP and details can be found here. Both are based in Bristol. 

The work of the IFP and FPSB UK is also supported by the many individuals who are either elected to serve as directors, as branch chairmen of our local branches or who sit on our various committees.

IFP Board

The IFP Board currently consists of nine CFPCM professionals who have been elected by the IFP membership plus two independent directors. The role of the board is to influence the strategic direction of the IFP. Board members are volunteers and are initially elected to serve a three year term, although they may seek re-election after that term.  

Rebecca Taylor FIFP, CFPCM
President of the IFP

Becky is Managing Director of Aurea Financial planning Ltd an award-winning Financial Planning business based in Peterborough. Becky is a CFP professional, Chartered Financial Planner and also a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning a strong believer in Lifetime Financial Planning.

Alan Dick CFPCM

Vice President of IFP and director of consumer affairs

Alan Dick is the founding principal of Forty Two, a fee based Wealth Management practice and an IFP Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM. A Financial Planner of almost 15 years experience, Alan is committed to raising the standards of Financial Planning. He is both a Chartered Financial Planner and CFP professional.

Ian S Howe CFPCM

As well as being chairman of IFP’s education committee, Ian is the Managing Director of the Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM, Baigrie Davies. Based in London, Ian is also a Director of Serin Wealth, an international advisory firm focused on bringing the best of the legal and Financial Planning professions together to enhance the advice clients enjoy.

Richard Allum CFPCM

Richard is a leading advocate for Paraplanning in the UK. He founded ParaplanPlus, the first outsourced Paraplanning business in Britain, in 2002. In 2011 Richard successfully blended his expertise as a CFP professional with a lifelong interest in technology to launch Moneyscope - a web-based lifetime cash-flow forecasting tool. Sadly, Richard has yet to find a business application for his other lifelong interest: Nutella.

Melony Holman CFPCM

Melony Holman is the Managing Director of Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd (CATS) which she founded in 2005. Melony is a Chartered Financial Planner and a CFP professional and has fifteen years’ experience in the field of compliance. As well as being chair of IFP’s membership committee, Melony is committed to encouraging firms to conduct true Financial Planning.

Andrew Brook-Dobson CFPCM

Andrew Brook Dobson CFP is chairman of the IFP Ethics Committee. Andrew is a director at Brook-Dobson Brear Ltd, an Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM based in Harrogate, who were runners up in the 2011 David Norton Building Excellence Award.

Chris Williams CFPCM
With over 15 years experience in financial services, Chris is both a Chartered Financial Planner and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional. With a proven history of successfully integrating acquisitions of wealth management firms, Chris has recently set up Wealth Horizons, a new advisory firm. In the past he has driven Ashcourt Rowan's Financial Planning business forward as CEO. He sits on IFP’s consumer affairs committee and chairs the Accredited Financial Planning Firms' Committee.



Martin Ruskin CFPCM

Martin is Head of Business Development at Paradigm Norton, a multi-award winning firm that is widely recognised as one of the leading financial planning firms in the UK and an Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM.  Martin is also chairman of the IFP South West branch and is passionate about communicating the value of lifetime financial planning to other professionals

Craig Palfrey CFPCM

Craig is the South Wales Branch Chairman and a CFP professional who sits on the IFP consumer affairs committee. Craig is also the founder, and managing partner, of Penguin Wealth LLP an Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM and director of Get Financial Advice. 

Janet Walford OBE

Janet is regarded as one of the UK's finest financial journalists. She joined Money Management in 1978, was appointed editor in 1986 and retired from that post in 2012. Winner of 17 awards for journalism, Janet was awarded the OBE for services to financial journalism and the financial services industry in 2007. Janet joined the IFP board as an independent director in 2012 and is chair of IFP’s consumer affairs committee.


Ian Leech
Ian has been actively involved in the Financial Services industry for over 35 years, from Financial Planning, Product Provider and Industry involvement perspectives. This has included senior leadership roles covering strategy, business development, sales, marketing and operations management covering both B2C and B2B sectors. Most recently he was a main board director with NFU Mutual, with previous roles at AXA and Sun Life. Ian joined the IFP Board as an independent director in December 2013 and is a member of IFP's membership committee. 

IFP committees

Our work is also supported by the extremely valuable contributions of a number of individuals who sit on IFP committees. The individual committees, their chairmen and constituent members are as follows:


Chair: Rebecca Taylor FIFP, CFPCM
Members: Steve Gazzard CFPCM, Alan Dick CFPCM, Kevin Dippenaar and Simon BoulterCM.

Chair: Rebecca Taylor FIFP, CFPCM 
Members: Alan Dick CFPCM, Steve Gazzard CFPCM (non-voting).  


Conference and Events
Chair: Damien Rylett
Members: Katherine Morgans, Dennis Hall, Mark Cherrill and Nicola Coates CFPCM.

Chair: Melony Holman CFPCM
Members: Katherine Morgans, Kevin Garforth, Richard Allum CFPCM, Ian Smith FIFP CFPCM, Steve Gazzard CFPCM, Sue Whitbread,  Rachel Weihs, Gemma Davies CFPCMAbraham Okusanya CFPCM and Ian Leech. 

Accredited Financial Planning FirmsTM 
Chair: Chris Williams CFPCM
Members: Sue Whitbread, Steve Gazzard CFPCM, Mike Stafford CFPCM, Ben Westaway CFPCM,  Mark Brownridge CFPCM, Marlene Outrim FIFP, CFPCM and Kevin Deamer CFPCM.

Chair: Ian Howe CFPCM
Members: Sam Rees-Adams, Trevor Williamson, Rebecca Taylor FIFP,CFPCM, Joanna Hague CFPCM and Mike Godfrey CFPCM.  

Chair: Richard Allum CFPCM
Members: Claire Goodwin APP, Alex Lannin, Gemma Siddle CFPCM, John Redmond, Kim Bendall CFPCM, Steve Gazzard CFPCM, Lucy Courtenay and Michael Dyke CFPCM


Chair: Alan Dick CFPCM
Members: Chris Williams CFPCM, Andrew Brook-Dobson CFPCM, Janet Walford and Steve Gazzard CFPCM.

Ethics and Practice Standards
Chair: Andrew Brook-Dobson CFPCM
Members: Arthur Davies FIFP, CFPCM, Tina Weeks, Ian Shipway FIFP, CFPCM, Adam Samuel, Sam Rees-Adams, Anja Turvey, Dhan Sharma CFPCM and Steve Whelan FIFP, CFPCM

Chair: Janet Walford OBE
Members: Sue Whitbread, Simon Hildrey, Elizabeth Holt, Gareth Shaw, Chris Williams CFPCM, Craig Palfrey CFPCM and Pete Matthew CFPCM.