IFP Fellowship - the pinnacle of the Financial Planning profession

Fellowship of the Institute of Financial Planning (FIFP)  represents one of the most prestigious titles in UK Financial Planning.

Who is the qualification appropriate for? 

It is appropriate to those individuals who wish to demonstrate that they have reached the pinnacle of the Financial Planning profession, having passed the ultimate test of their Financial Planning skills under examination conditions.  As well as being a highly challenging qualification, Fellowship allows individuals to contribute further to the development of the profession through mentoring, other initiatives and contributions from the Fellows’ conferences and meetings. It also provides real career boost in itself as Rebecca Taylor, FIFP, CFPCM explains here. The rewards are well worth the effort as once successful you'll join an elite group of the leading Financial Planners in the UK.

What's involved?

For those who meet the entry requirements, reaching this level requires successful completion of 12 hours of rigorous and demanding Financial Planning examinations held over a two day period. Sound preparation is essential so check out how to prepare yourself to sit the exams.  

 Click here to read the syllabus. Like the CFPCM certification, the testing is based upon the application, skills and competence of the individual planner. 

Once you've successfully passed both the examination papers you will be eligible to use the designation ‘FIFP’ (IFP membership requirements apply). And if you are working your way towards Associateship or Fellowship of the PFS, becoming an FIFP will entitle you to 30 credits towards this.

An alternative route to Fellowship can be followed through the Masters programme at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University). 


Click here to find out what the qualification entails

"Gaining the Fellowship was the proudest moment in my career to date and to join the ranks of the Fellows, who I admire and respect immensely, gave me a feeling of such elation."

Ian O'Connor FIFP, CFPCM - Astute Financial Planning