Ethics Zone

The hallmark of a true profession

Ethics is an integral part of any true profession. Putting clients’ interests first is the foundation of the IFP’s Code of Ethics, which all members must sign up to and abide by. In recognition of the fact that ethics is about what is actually done, rather than simply knowing what should be done, it forms part of the IFP’s Continuing Professional Development Scheme requirements. Each year, all members must complete at least two and a half hours of ethics related CPD.

Helping you to fulfil your obligations

The IFP has created this dedicated Ethics Zone to bring together a range of resources on the subject of ethics. Including the Code itself, articles, presentations and links to academic resources, the Zone has something for everyone. These resources are designed to help you meet your CPD requirements and get you thinking about what you do and how you do it. This article by Andrew Brook-Dobson CFPCM, Chair of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, explains how you can get started.

If you come across an interesting resource that you would like us to include in the Ethics Zone, let us know by emailing Sam