Entry requirements

To be eligible to embark on the process of becoming a CFPCM professional, there are two compulsory criteria which must be met:

  1. Have a minimum of one year's supervised or three years' unsupervised experience within Financial Planning - find out more
  2. At least one of the following qualification requirements must be met:
  • An FCA-recognised Diploma post 1.1.13
  • An FCA-recognised Transitional Qualification plus Qualification gap-fill
  • A current and valid SPS

We also recommend anyone considering CFP Certification to study the syllabus and identify any areas of weakness for further study. If you hold any technical examination passes over three years old, you should undertake the necessary reading to ensure that your technical knowledge is up- to-date before attempting the examination, but particularly the case study element. 

How to enter 

If you meet the above requirements, the next step is to book and pass the Principles of Financial Planning Exam. Once you have passed the Principles of Financial Planning examination, you can proceed to apply for the case study to which you are required to provide a financial plan. (Please note:if you've already succeeded in the Certificate In Paraplanning, you don't need to retake the examination and can proceed to the case study element). Click here for the case study assessment application form. 

Get in touch

If you hold an examination or qualification that is not included within any of the above lists and you believe it to be relevant, you may apply for a review. There is a fee of £20.00 to review your qualifications. Please contact FPSB (UK) by telephone, 0844 873 3325 or by emailing qualification@financialplanning.org.uk and be prepared to supply the syllabi relevant to your qualification and the administration fee.