Certificate in Paraplanning

What is the Certificate in Paraplanning?

It was the UK's first qualification designed to test the application of skills and the technical knowledge needed by Paraplanners. Set at level 4, it was developed as a result of our work with  Paraplanners, Financial Planners, Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) and trainers to develop a job role description for Paraplanners.  

Gaining the Certificate in Paraplanning is a two step process:

It is recommended that candidates should pass one of the appropriate Personal Taxation units before attempting the Principles of Financial Planning examination.  The exams are held regularly at the FPSB UK office in Bristol but there are also sittings in alternate months in London. Other venues and dates are available throughout the UK. 

The Certificate in Paraplanning is worth 30 credits towards the CII diploma. It's also an ideal step towards obtaining CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM certification – the global standard of excellence in Financial Planning – for those who wish to follow this path, as it represents the examination element of the qualification. CFP certification is a level 6 qualification. 

How do I become an Accredited ParaplannerTM?

Once you've passed the FPSB UK Principles of Financial Planning examination you will be awarded the Certificate in Paraplanning. The exam is set by Ofqual at QCF level 4 and you can check the Ofqual register here.  Gaining the Certificate in Paraplanning means you can then apply to the IFP to become an Accredited ParaplannerTM subject to other requirements being met.  

Individuals who are already CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Professionals are already eligible. You simply need to apply to the IFP to use the designation of Accredited ParaplannerTM (APP).

Who is it appropriate for?

The Certificate in Paraplanning is the ideal qualification for individuals who are currently practising as a Paraplanner in the UK and who meet the entry requirements. It's a challenging and relevant qualification which is designed to further develop and test your Financial Planning skills and how well you can apply technical knowledge in Financial Planning situations. Success in the exam also provides powerful professional recognition that you have the appropriate combination of technical knowledge and planning skills required to fulfil the role of Paraplanner. 

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