Improve your social media communications in one day


This week is a departure for the IFP as we consider a subject which now impacts us all and yet few of us are comfortable incorporating it into our day to day communication strategy. Social media is here to stay and our conference this Thursday will give consideration to some of the key areas. A quick glance at the current delegate list shows that it is not just Financial Planners and Paraplanners that are interested in this subject so if nothing else, this will be a great networking day and a fantastic opportunity to understand how other professionals are using social media.

Networking, whether physical or social, is key to the success of those that are involved with business development or client acquisition and anything that helps this activity has to be considered. Whilst there is an element to social media which is still a little “I am on the train now ... SO WHAT!” the science is moving on and there are some great examples of how people are using it successfully as part of their communication strategy and client acquisition strategy.

The programme itself can be viewed here but it is worth having a look at a couple of the speakers and what they are covering. It is also worth noting that all will be around for the day so that we can explore some of their ideas during the breaks. As we know there is still an awful lot of “how do I do that” associated with social media and we will be addressing that as well as the theory and what is actually happening around us.

Never far away from our minds is what the regulator thinks of our activity and the FSA has already sent out a warning about social media policies. Bridget Greenwood of Financial Services Social Media will be addressing this in the morning following on from Graham Jones; the Internet Psychologist who will be setting the scene for us with what the world of social media is currently up to. There will then be two fascinating presentations from Justine Priestley who will look at film and Professor Morris Pentel who will look at what is happening with tablets (electronic) and how that is changing behaviour and how we receive and deliver information.

After lunch Phil Calvert, Abbie Tanner and Bridget Greenwood will take us through how we can actually use the various media of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc and then we will bring it all together with a panel session at the end of the afternoon with top planner Dennis Hall, Phil Calvert and leading freelance journalist and writer Alison Steed.

There is still time to book and I would be extremely surprised if delegates don’t go away with a huge number of actions and ways to improve the way that they or their business are communicating with clients and professional connections.

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