Prestwood Financial Planning Tool

Truth Lite - improve your financial "fitness" using this clever tool

Prestwood Financial Planning Software is used by some of the best Financial Planners in the CISI. Truth lite is a basic version of the main ‘Truth®’ program, designed to help to introduce you to the concept of ‘lifelong cashflow modelling’. 

It might sound complicated but this tool is a great place to start - and it's free of charge. By entering details of your income, outgoings, assets and liabilities, you can build an accurate measure of your net worth and current financial situation. You can then look ahead, enter your projected future income and expenditure to build up a picture of the life you want to enjoy in years to come.

The software then puts the two together. It produces a dramatic picture which spells out the reality of the financial future you are creating. Suddenly you can see it, understand it and believe it – because it’s based solely on the information you give!  

It'll give you a PDF of all your details. You may then wish to share this when you contact a Financial Planner who can use the main ‘Truth®’ software programme to model realistic ‘what if’ scenarios that will demonstrate the different outcomes which can be created. It will allow to you plan accurately for retirement, inheritance tax, educational fees, insurance, health care and more. If you're taking advantage of the free financial planning surgeries offered as part of Financial Planning Week, using this tool beforehand should help you make the most of the time you will have available with the professional planner. 

Click here to access the tool.